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    VisitScotland. Delivering a suitably beautiful CRM programme since 2009, to half a million delighted visitors.

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    Scottish Friendly. Our creativity has helped deliver almost £33 million in net annual premiums.

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    Scottish Widows. Helping develop a brand new brand for the iconic leading pension provider.

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    VELUX. We helped launch their first product for the commercial market, and watched sales go through the roof.


Hello. We’re Union Direct and we believe in the creative power of data.

It’s the force behind the ideas we think up, the beautiful things we design, the words we write, and the stories we tell.

This means that we take big data and find the small human truths in it, to help clients achieve big things and share great stories.

Because clients know it’s not always the thought that counts. It’s the ideas you can measure.


It all starts here, with some of the best thinkers in the industry. Read more...


We work with our sister agency Union Data.


Award winners with a flair for ideas that provoke response. Read more...


We engage your audience with a digital presence.


We have vast experience of making ideas a reality. Read more...

Gus Chalmers – Managing Director, Fellow of the Marketing Society

With over twenty years' experience in leading UK direct marketing agencies, Gus became Managing Director of Union Direct in June 2007. Since then he has grown the business into Scotland's leading independent direct response agency and created an agency which is client centered, creatively led, strategically driven and tech friendly - working across all channels to deliver campaigns that drive sales and build relationships.

Sheryl Thomson – Creative Director

Eh up! Sheryl moved to Edinburgh 16 years ago ­with a Yorkshire accent and a passion for beautiful things and fresh ideas. She hasn’t lost either since. She joins us from Story, where for 14 years she worked on ATL and BTL campaigns – but it’s the direct sell that keeps her going. Owns four cats and adores tapestry and cross-stitch. If you’re thinking ‘cat lady’, don't. This is stylish tattoo and ‘50s inspired needlecraft, not your typical fuddy-duddy stuff. An approach she also takes with creative work, which clearly works, as it’s won her more than a few awards over the years. Welcome Sheryl!

Karen André – Business Development Director

Karen started out in accounts. Actually accounts – the double entry kind. So don’t try getting any numbers that don’t add up past her. Fortunately she soon realised that it was the work she loved. Even more fortunately, she was persuaded not to touch the crayons but join account management. A handy knack for strategy and winning pitches (not unrelated) ensures she remains one of the industry’s brightest stars. Outside of work you’ll find her growing potatoes, enjoying the reality show ‘Question Time’, and drinking wine. Not necessarily in that order.

Daniel Batey – Managing Director - Union Data

Data and Diagram Dan adds a touch of the foxy to Union Direct with his sleek silver fur. He also brings a flurry of the Peter Snow (remember, the election analyst?) with his fine display of facts and figures. He’s our data scientist genius guy (from the GIG, London) who turns data strategy into profitable actions for our clients. Swoon.

Laura Herriot – Production Director

Laura started out in Production at the Leith Agency where her enviable claim to fame is suggesting using Caledonia on what’s become Scotland’s favourite Tennent’s lager ad. At Union Direct, she’s been responsible for producing some of our most innovative and beautiful award-winning creative. Her proofreading skills are unparalleled and being on the lookout for typos keeps her busty. Laura enjoys a beer in the bath.

David MacDonald – Head of Creative Services

Dave has 41 years’ experience in the print, design and advertising business – which is longer than VHS tapes, punk rock, the Muppet Show, and Apple computers have been around! Just like Apple, this Mac has had several reboots and upgrades in his career, and he’s delighted with his latest one, joining Union Direct. He’s happy to talk workflow challenges, leading and kerning, ascenders and descenders, as well as pub stories about near-death experiences, his latest health kick, 70s rock and general mischief. Welcome Dave!

Emma Campbell – Client Services Director

Emma grew up down south, by which we mean some little place no one can remember the name of so ‘down south’ does the job just fine. After graduating with Distinction from Strathclyde, she didn’t stumble into the world of communications like a normal bleary-eyed student, but followed her own cleverly designed Successful Career Path process. Fortunately for our clients, they feature strongly in her plan for world domination so you don’t hear them complain about effective campaigns with excellent ROI. Occasionally she’ll miss an evening session at the gym, but not really ever.

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