Data Strategy



At Union Direct our creativity is data sharpened because we know that data and analysis beat hunches and guesswork hands down.  Big data isn’t big and it isn’t clever when it overwhelms.

This is where our sister agency Union Data come in.  Union Data stop counting and start asking questions. Led by Daniel Batey, they help clients breathe intelligence into the numbers. By managing and analysing data they help clients understand their audience better and make their marketing communications more effective. Union Data provide everything from customer profiling and other analytical techniques that deliver actionable customer insights, to more complex segmentation and predictive modelling techniques.

Together, we deliver data driven customer journeys and contact strategies that deliver a measurable ROI and a profitable relationship over the longer term.


Data analytics

GDPR compliance and audit

Customer profiling


Actionable customer insight

Predictive modelling

Data management

Customer journey design

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