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Project Details

Our Christmas campaign for the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) won two Silvers at the 2016 Roses Creative Awards for Direct Mail and Ambient Media.


Every minute of every day someone in Scotland is receiving blood as part of a life-saving or life-enhancing treatment. And that doesn’t stop over Christmas. As part of our retention programme we send regular donors an early Christmas card, gently reminding them to give blood over the holiday. In 2015, in the spirit of Christmas, we also produced a Christmas bauble for their tree as a small thank you. The engaging campaign prompted a 19% response, 51% of whom donated blood straightaway in December and the remainder in January and February. Crucially, the campaign ensured that Scotland had enough blood of the type suitable for every patient.


We hope our baubles will come out year after year, helping us stay front of mind, but not in your face, at this particularly critical period for SNBTS.