Scottish Widows launches new ‘Change your life in an hour campaign’

In the year of the biggest reforms to pensions in a generation, Lloyds Banking Group’s Scottish Widows has launched a new online platform that invites the public to ‘Change your Life in an Hour’, promoting it heavily with an integrated campaign timed to coincide with the changes.

Inspired by the notion that big things often have small beginnings, ‘Change Your Life in an Hour’ tackles the hardest part of planning for later life – making a start. The idea was originated by 101 with the Union working in partnership with them to develop the employer website and marketing collateral.

The campaign continues the refresh of the brand that began in 2014, featuring latest Scottish Widow Amber Martinez and capturing the stories of real people, this year as they prompt us to reappraise retirement as a time for opportunity and new beginnings and shine a light on how having a plan can leave us with the peace of mind to pursue personal passions.

Claire Stracey, Head of Marketing Communications (Scottish Widows), Lloyds Banking Group says: “2015 marks the biggest changes to how we plan for retirement in decades, and as Lloyds Banking Group is committed to helping Britain prosper it’s only right that Scottish Widows takes a prominent role in helping as many people as possible realise the peace of mind that comes from a more secure tomorrow.”


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