GDPR. Those four little letters spell out a whole new game when it comes to data. They stand for the General Data Protection Regulations. And they become law in 2018, protecting consumers privacy in today’s networked world – with some hefty fines for non-compliance.

Thing is, the all important details on how to apply the laws are in a constant state of flux. Where the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) sees a gap in the guidance being provided by the EU, it’s stepping in. Expect to see guidance on consent, contracts and liability and profiling in coming months.

It’s complicated.

It all needs some serious unscrambling. And we can help. We’ve created a GDPR tool which turns jargon into plain English, it points out the key game-changers that are shaking up the way we all do business and should highlight any areas of concern for your particular business.

To keep up to date on all things GDPR related, bookmark the DMA website, it’s another great resource for anyone trying to unscramble the world of GDPR.


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