Flexing our DM skills for a global healthcare company

How do you launch a flexible product for a global healthcare company?

A DM with a twist.


Cigna UK HealthCare offer cutting-edge healthcare plans for large employers who need choice, experience and technological innovation.

Their research found that small and medium businesses weren’t getting a good deal on corporate health cover. More often than not, SMEs had to settle for a bare-bones version of what the larger employers had.

Cigna’s solution was Health Flex, a flexible health cover option for SMEs that could bend to meet individual employee needs.

Our challenge was to launch Health Flex and get the word out to brokers that Cigna now has a flexible option that could fit their smaller clients.


We needed a creative solution that would make an impact, demand brokers’ attention and showcase the uniqueness of the product. Our strongest hook was in the flexibility of the product itself. It highlighted its simplicity, ease and showed a strong understanding of the SME market and their unique needs.

Our creative solution was: Health Flex: Cover you can bend to all your SME clients’ needs.

We themed our messaging around yoga and wellbeing, reflecting Cigna’s innovative preventative care.

We delivered printed yoga mats to key brokers with the message that they now have a product that they can flex, balance and bend into shape to meet their clients’ needs.

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