Bringing open days to life when the campus is closed


Heriot Watt

What we did

How do you inspire students to join a university they’re not allowed in?

You bring their future to life through VR.


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As a university famous for being on the cutting edge, it’s vital that Heriot-Watt take the lead when it comes to pandemic-proof innovation. Open days are the beating heart of any university’s recruitment strategy – the chance to demonstrate their facilities, culture, and strengths in an impactful way can make all the difference. But how can you win over prospective students when your grounds and facilities are closed to the public?



You make their future come to life through virtual reality. We sent VR headsets with personalised messaging to a select group of students who were interested in knowing more about Heriot-Watt so they could get a clearer picture of how their life could look at the uni.

Both budget and timings were tight, so we knew from the outset that we needed to keep it simple and bring Heriot-Watt’s new, bolder brand identity to life. Our small but mighty direct mail campaign did just that.

With a positive, rousing line behind the campaign – ‘a look into your future’ – and a strong visual theme focused around the stickers that teenagers use to express themselves, we knew we had a creative concept that could connect with our audience and bring the virtual reality element to life without breaking the bank.

And so our neat, simple creative solution was born – and it (sorry) stuck!


While this campaign was always more about quality than quantity, the stats above speak for themselves.

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