Putting Health, Safety and Wellbeing to work for Scottish organisations


NHS Healthy Working Lives

What we did

How do you get the workforce to take notice of health and safety?

You create a campaign with character.


completed views


over target on Facebook


higher display ad completion than industry standard


Healthyworkinglives.scot was launched in 2018 to give SMEs free tools and guidance to help them stay on top of health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace. After a very successful launch campaign, their web traffic started to plateau – new users just weren’t being drawn in. So, we were asked to pump up those numbers by developing the launch campaign for a bolder, beefier follow-up campaign.


For the launch campaign, we’d already created three colourful little characters representing Health, Safety and Wellbeing. This gave the initial campaign great standout in such a corporate-looking, stock-photography-heavy competitive environment. We wanted to elevate those characters even more for this campaign, to really push that cut-through.

Our research showed that SME decision-makers are always on the move and rely heavily on their phones and digital media to keep up to date. So, we created a suite of short animation and static posts that used our characters to highlight the benefits of the website with a touch of the warmth and personality that Scotland is world-renowned for. The campaign ran across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Adwords.

“We wanted our redesigned characters to echo the existing brand and logo more, while also injecting some unique personality into them, to make for fun attention grabbing animations.”

Ben Whiting

Art Director


Absolutely smashed it. Our Facebook and Instagram ads delivered 35% over target. Just under half of our ads (49.5%) were watched all the way through on Youtube – which was 400% higher than we’d planned. 61.5% of our display ads were also watched to completion against an industry average of 4%. By the time the campaign wrapped up, it’d brought 18,000 new users to the website. All in all, a fantastic result – especially because it was all to help workplaces throughout Scotland stay healthy, safe and well.

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