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How do you bring financial education to the people?

You hit the road.


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The UK is worryingly under-prepared for retirement. Nearly three in 10 over 65s still have no pension at all and 44% of us are not putting enough aside for later life. Scottish Widows understood how vital pension education is for opening people’s eyes and securing a better future. But those who need pension education and guidance the most often don’t have access to it, or aren’t able to afford it.

So we took on the challenge of finding a new way to reach consumers beyond the workplace, beyond the brand’s traditional platforms, and beyond its normal reach. We wanted to inspire and empower people to plan for a brighter future.



Together with Scottish Widows we identified huge potential in collaborating with The Pension Geeks, the people behind the annual Pension Awareness Day (PAD). As an independent voice, they provided the missing link between the consumer need for education and Scottish Widows’ 200 years of expertise. 

So we fully kitted out a double decker bus with everything from helpful guides and booklets, and branded goodies and giveaways to screens that played short bite-sized films, a social media vending machine and even our bespoke interactive Age Me game, which ages your face to show you what you might look like when you retire. And we created a unique experience around all this: our fully immersive event would allow people to engage with the brand and our experts as much or as little as they wanted – and create their own journey. 


With everything in place, we embarked on a 4 week tour of key cities around the UK, as well as some of Scottish Widows’ larger employer clients’ sites. On the road we met hundreds of people, and our experts answered thousands of queries.

And together we achieved an industry first: we brought pensions education directly to consumers. We took the conversation on the road. On busy shopping streets, on people’s way to work, in their day-to-day lives. Where they least expect it, and where they can’t ignore it.

“ We worked for months on every little aspect of this project – from the overarching campaign concept down to each individual line on a branded pen giveaway. Seeing it all come together in an immersive experience that people genuinely engaged with made it all worth it!”

Christine Stamati

Senior Copywriter

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