How we developed a small brand into a major player – naturally!


Skin Genius

What we did

How do you help a homegrown brand level up?

You give them a game-changing makeover.


Skin:Genius is a multi award-winning skincare solutions brand specifically designed to clear up troubled skin. So, with industry recognition, a product with a proven track record, and bags of potential, why did Skin:Genius need help to grow?

The challenge for most small start-ups is not amassing interest in the product or getting on more shop shelves – the real issues come when your brand grows quickly and you’ve little knowledge of how to evolve into a mid-level business while retaining your original core audience and ethics.


We undertook a massive product design brief with the aim of giving Skin:Genius a versatile, charming persona – one that was serious about what it did, but didn’t take itself too seriously. With new products in the pipeline, it was imperative that our designs be flexible enough to incorporate an array of new ranges aimed at different people. 

We used a palette of cool, neutral, and gender-balanced colours to give the products a look that was scientific, but not clinical, and well-researched, but not cold. This aesthetic would also lend itself well to diversification into a more broad spectrum of hues.

We next took the colon from the Skin:Genius name and turned it into a recognisable and fully ownable visual device that could be used across all comms and images. Mimicking the dots produced when applying the product on the skin, the natural, irregular circles of the colon device align well with the organic, natural properties of the skincare solutions themselves.

We also refreshed the brand’s tone of voice, names such as ‘leave-on purifying gel’ and ‘foaming face wash’ were transformed into user-friendly monikers like ‘best cleanse forever’, ‘all’s well that gels well’, and ‘cream come true’ to give Skin:Genius that extra bit of character that was lacking in its competitors.


The new look and feel of Skin:Genius has been successful in every way possible. Commercially, the new branding has set apart the products and led to increased sales across the board. In terms of social media, online foot traffic, and brand awareness, Skin:Genius has never been so popular or celebrated.

With a new product range due for release, it’s clear that we’ve given the brand the skin confidence that they promise their customers – now they’re confident, radiant, and ready to take on the competition.

“ We undertook a massive product design brief with the aim of giving Skin:Genius a versatile, charming persona – one that says it doesn’t take itself too seriously. ”

Sheryl Thomson, Creative Director

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